06/01/2016 fabian

E-Commerce specialized Online Marketing and SEO

קידום ושיווק

The service will include promotion of all keywords that will be defined in advance according to the client’s field.
Keywords are defined on the basis of the potential to increase website traffic and based on the amount of searches for each phrase.
Each month we send two reports. The first is the placement report including all the pre-defined phrases.
The second is a report detailing site traffic analytics and user behavior, depending on the client’s goals.

Increasing website traffic using: Enrichment of the site content, update content regularly, upload articles, publishing articles on forums and blogs, Writing dedicated content in collaboration with the client, Correct coding of pages, Create tags and meta tags, Construct new content pages, Improving the website html code, Analysis and monitoring of competitors, Building a customized Google Site Map, Calculate conversion ratios, Content development for blogging/articles in the relevant field for promotion and to have better traffic to the site, If needed, create links to other sites, including indexes, blogs, exchange links, etc.

קידום ושיווק

If you are interested in promoting services and/or marketing, but you are not sure where to start, contact us by phone (+972-54-6644542) or e-mail and we will be happy to tell you more about the different options.