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Why Magento? – What are the Advantages?

לוגו מג'נטו

We offer a variety of services including:
– Mobile and tablet compatible websites.
– Server/IT management.
– Optimization and Responsiveness of the site.
– Organic SEO, adWords, PPC.
– Promotion on other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
– Content management and overall website support.
– A wide range of languages and currencies.
– Implementation of many international payment gateway systems, such as PayPal, Tranzila, Ogone, Authorize.net, etc…
– Account management on many trading arenas such as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten and many price comparison websites.

למה מג'נטו

The Magento services we offer, allow the customer to have his own online shop easily and without any technical work.
Our experienced staff will manage all aspects of your virtual store: Uploading products, design customizations, accepting credit cards, watch incoming orders/completed transactions and more.
We at Webranch believe that the customer is always in the center. We will understand your requirements and specific needs and build the best solution for you.
We established our company with one idea in mind: to help people set up Magento based e-commerce websites, even if they do not have any technical skills or a big budget.
If you are considering building a new Magento store or need services for your existing Magento store, contact us by phone (+972-54-6644542) or e-mail and we will be more than happy to tell you about the different possibilities.

Full Page Cache with Varnish

לוגו וארניש

It is a fact that slow Magento stores destroys the shopping experience. It is also known that improving the performance of a Magento store will improve the store ranking in search engines.
In this article we want to answer the following question, why should you consider implementing a Full Page Cache solution as Varnish for your Magento store.

וארניש קהילה

Varnish may be the best solution, most effective and reliable in the field. The technical principle of Varnish is that the page requested will be served by Varnish before the request is routed to the Magento server. If Varnish found a cache version of the page, it will be delivered directly to the client’s browser within a few milli seconds. The response time will be around 35 ms + latency.

וארניש באנר

If you are considering implementing a Varnish Full Page Cache solution on Magento, contact us by phone (+972-54-6644542) or e-mail and we will be more than happy to tell you more about the different integration options.

How to Automatically (2 Way) Interface Magento with Ebay and Amazon (and Rakuten)

איך לממשק חנות מג'נטו דו כיוונית לאיביי ואמאזון

Integrating your Magento store with eBay can be one of the best business decisions you make this year. eBay continues to dominate in the online shopping / auctions market, and together with the integration of Magento you can have both within the convenience of a single backend (as well as the Amazon and Rakuten markets).
The M2E Pro plugin is a multi-channel Connector that provides superior performance and reliable results.

Integrating Magento with eBay through M2E Pro offers many clear advantages. For example, store owners can save tons of time managing products in different data channels and stores/markets. Instead of entering the same product information over and over again across many stores (including multiple eBay accounts), store owners should only enter it once in the Magento backend. Product information will be automatically synced across all your different channels.

In addition, integrating Magento and eBay with M2E Pro allows you to see all orders from all platforms in the Magento backend. This automation allows traders to follow up any orders – no matter where they were, and eliminates the hassle of tracking orders across multiple channels.
Managing your inventory levels has never been easier thanks to the M2E Pro. The product can be registered in all the sales channels together, so that once an item is sold, it is updated immediately in all sales channels. No more problems with sales in excess or low stock! As soon as new stock arrives, each channel is automatically updated to reflect the new stock levels.

By using the M2E Pro, traders can also define strategies depend on market pricing flexibility, as well as customize the module to suit their specific business needs, and to cancel routine operations in order to allow traders to focus on other aspects of their business.
If you are considering to integrate your Hmg’nto store with eBay, but you are not sure where to start, contact us by phone (054-6644542) or e-mail and we will be happy to tell you more about integration Mg’nto- eBay and M2E Pro.

E-Commerce specialized Online Marketing and SEO

קידום ושיווק

The service will include promotion of all keywords that will be defined in advance according to the client’s field.
Keywords are defined on the basis of the potential to increase website traffic and based on the amount of searches for each phrase.
Each month we send two reports. The first is the placement report including all the pre-defined phrases.
The second is a report detailing site traffic analytics and user behavior, depending on the client’s goals.

Increasing website traffic using: Enrichment of the site content, update content regularly, upload articles, publishing articles on forums and blogs, Writing dedicated content in collaboration with the client, Correct coding of pages, Create tags and meta tags, Construct new content pages, Improving the website html code, Analysis and monitoring of competitors, Building a customized Google Site Map, Calculate conversion ratios, Content development for blogging/articles in the relevant field for promotion and to have better traffic to the site, If needed, create links to other sites, including indexes, blogs, exchange links, etc.

קידום ושיווק

If you are interested in promoting services and/or marketing, but you are not sure where to start, contact us by phone (+972-54-6644542) or e-mail and we will be happy to tell you more about the different options.

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